IN 2005, a version of ASIMO was introduced that could push a cart. ASIMO could manipulate the cart freely while maintaining an appropriate distance from the cart by adjusting the force of its arms, using the force sensors on its wrists.

Even when the movement of the cart is disturbed, ASIMO can continue maneuvering by taking flexible actions such as slowing down or changing directions.



ASIMO, Honda’s bipedal humanoid robot, greeted U.S. President Barack Obama at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (known as "Miraikan") in Tokyo, Japan.

ASIMO greeted President Obama in English - "Mr. President, I am ASIMO, a humanoid robot. It is a pleasure to meet you." ASIMO then demonstrated some of its signature moves including running, kicking a ball and jumping.

Honda is conducting robotics re -search for the purpose of creating robots that help people while coexisting with people in society.


ASIMO also expressed its future goal to President Obama - "I keep training every day so that someday in the future I can help people in their homes."

Since its introduction in 2000, ASIMO has met a number of VIPs from other countries. However, this was the first time for ASIMO to meet a U.S. President.